Software Application Develpment & Maintenance

We keep in mind, the increasing changes in the business environment and the simultaneous need of coming up with software products which are cost-effective, integration-friendly with other applications, easy to use software interface, and customized as per your business needs.

We have a range of technologies and a dedicated team of Software engineers who follow the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) in a systematic manner and developing the product which you need. Constant interaction with our customers is our way of ensuring zero gaps in the requirement/design/development phases finally leading to an end product cherished and implemented by our customers.

Our road to your satisfaction:

  • Gather Software requirement
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Testing & Documenting
  • Deploy
  • Maintenance

Software Maintenance

Wibs believes that the maintenance phase of any particular software is when the actual moulding of a product happens in terms of functionality, interface, and usability. In today’s environment, software maintenance doesn’t only mean fixing the bugs in software but making sure that the product is perfect in terms of usability and has an enhanced value in the market

Wibs’ software maintenance measures:

  • Maintenance to perform corrective actions on software (Bugs, functionality issues)
  • Maintenance to enhance the software (applying patches and upgrading the product)
  • Modify the existing software already implemented to make sure the usability in a different environment.
  • Modify software to make sure it is perfect in terms of its functionality.

Pro-active steps taken to ensure that no faults or issues occur at a later date that would stop the functioning of the software in a business environment.